Chinese New year 2021. STOP Production

During this period, no factories are operating and mass production stops. Orders for electronic components are interrupted. 3 weeks is the total duration of the country's most important holiday. In 2021, the start date is February 11. The official start. In fact, working life here stops even a week before it.

Let's find out what everyone who is somehow connected with business in China should remember.
1. The production time during the Chinese New Year is much longer than usual. Some factories may close completely for three weeks. Take this into account when planning your project plan.
2. China's transport system will be completely blocked. Workers from factories usually come back at home on vacation. Do you remember how many people there are in the country? Now try to imagine how much of this number moves to another part of the country at the same time.
3. No orders for electronic components are shipped from China or Taiwan during the CNY period.
4. Check the quality of products made before and after the new year especially carefully. The general chaos may affect your product.
5. Remember that no matter how important and necessary the customer you are, during the CNY celebration, no worker or even the owner will think about your production project. Don't write him angry letters, it makes absolutely no sense. Before the end of the Spring Festival, they forget about your existence.
6. Try to place production orders long before the CNY Holiday!

What should customers who are particularly impatient do? Understand. Accept. Remember that it is sacred to make offerings to the house spirit and scare away evil spirits with fireworks once a year. And no one and nothing can change it.