what's qqmb?
We introduce DANNIE's own development - QQmb 3G|4G. It's a compact high-performance module for quick development of smart devices. To be simple, it's all-in-one single board computer. Yes, we would like to describe it this way.
This is our unique development. There is no other like it.
What features of QQmb platform does give you?

1. Ready-made solution. We already thought of everything for you.
High performance, AI, and all necessary connectivity.
2. Fast development start.
Development kit with different options of components ready for your software testing
3. Simple adding of new connectors and interfaces via expansion board.
4. Minimum manufacturing time.
From idea to mass-production there are only for 2-3 month
5. Different LCD options.
6. The most popular operating system for mobile devices Android is integrated.
7. Reduced time of MVP release.

To see more about our product Click here or write to us at: info@dannie.hk.
DANNIE has experience in implementing various smart devices and looks forward to meeting your business needs and becoming your partner.